Ear Examination and Otoscopy: Perforation

Near total tympanic membrane perforation(L). Ahilasamy — January 03, 2010 — "90 % (L) ear drum had been ruptured and gone in dating Chennai girl due to slap by the boyfriend over a silly quarrel."

"What happens if the husband slaps the wife. Ahilasamy — January 03, 2010 — Fresh Traumatic perforation of the ear drum with blood tinged edges. Very Common in the (L) ear in Indian ladies since most men are right handers."

Traumatic Ear drum perforation- Healing. Ahilasamy — January 03, 2010 — Most of the traumatic ear drum perforation caused by slapping or cracker blast heals completely without medicines are any application to the ear.

Central Perforation in TM.

Perforated Tympanic Membrane.

A perforated eardrum. liljekrans — June 23, 2009 — "This is how a small perforation of the eardrum looks like. This is my eardrum after 48 hours of the perforation. It happened during snorkelling - diving to about 3m without equalizing properly. Was painful the day it happened. A little painful with water still coming out the next day. Not painful at all on the third day. There is a mild hearing loss in the higher frequenzies (2,5kHz and up). Will supposedly heal and go back to normal hearing within 3-6 weeks."

Eardrum after operation (tympanostomy).

Tympanostomy Ear tubes. aramaga40 — October 17, 2008 — 4 years old boy was diagnosed Chronic otitis media with efusion and was operated tympanostomy ear tubes placement.

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