Ear Examination and Otoscopy: Foreign Body

Mosquito in the Human ear - Dr Ahilasamy. Ahilasamy — August 25, 2009 — Dead mosquito in human ear- removed in ENT clinic.

Ear buds use will result in F.B. Ahilasamy — December 31, 2009 — Using Ear buds for self cleaning the ears will result in Foreign Bodies in the ear.

Bra hook in the girl's ear. Ahilasamy — August 25, 2009 — Unbelivable a Bra hook ia 6 yrs old girl's ear removed by Dr.Ahilasamy.

"Broken ring inside the Ear Removal. Ahilasamy — September 12, 2009 — A Broken ear ring gone inside the ear removed in the OPD by myself. The lady (patient) was slaped by her husband and the ear ring she was wearing was broken and a part of the ring went inside the ear."

Beetle in the Man's ear - Dr Ahilasamy. Ahilasamy — August 16, 2009 — Removal of a foreign body insect(beetle) from the human ear.

Blue crayon in the ear. aramaga40 — December 04, 2008 — Accidental introduction of a blue crayon in the right ear, a 8 years old girl.

Live Cockroach in the Ear - Dr Ahilasamy ENT. Ahilasamy — December 24, 2008 — This live recording is done by Dr. N. Ahilasamy - ENT Surgeon in his clinic on a patient (Software Engineer) in Chennai.

Alive Tick in the Ear.

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